Types of Marijuana Flower

There’s no sign of the cannabis market slowing down with marijuana flower being a helpful medicine and recreation. With the varying effects and different forms of cannabis, there’s something for everyone looking to partake. However, it’s essential to know the basics about recreational or medical marijuana before purchasing, using, or growing it.

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What Is Marijuana Flower?

Marijuana flower is the bud or flower on the female cannabis plant. Only female plants produce smokable buds, while male plants are ideal for pollination. Marijuana flower contains two common cannabinoids ideal for treating various health issues, THC and CBD. These cannabinoids give the flower its medicinal effects, while terpenes such as myrcene and limonene give each strain its flavor and smell.

You can also utilize other parts of the marijuana flower, such as sugar leaves, as they have trichomes containing THC and CBD crystals. These trichomes provide the marijuana flower’s high-inducing effects and contain the terpenes that give the nugs their flavor and scent. Trichomes also contain large amounts of sticky resin that build up on your smoking device.

Effects of Marijuana Flower

Effects from marijuana are different for everyone, and there are effects on both sides of the spectrum. While one person smoking an indica strain may feel extreme relaxation, another person could experience slight paranoia or feel slightly energized. Although well-known strains can be fine for marijuana users, it’s important to choose flower that works for you rather than picking the most popular choices.

Additionally, first-time smokers will have a very low tolerance to THC and CBD, which will amplify the effects. With regular marijuana use, your tolerance level increases the more you use it, making the effects less potent as time goes on. Beginners should use marijuana flower with caution to avoid the potentially adverse side effects that result from excessive smoking.

Marijuana Flower Types

Species of marijuana flower include indica, sativa, and hybrid breeds, and within these species are individual breeds, called strains. While these classifications were more accurate in the past, the cannabis industry still uses them today, although flower types don’t guarantee their listed effects or that every person will have the same reaction to each.


Indica marijuana flower is one of the most well-known types, thanks to its slightly higher CBD levels and relaxing effects. Hailing from the Middle East and India, it grows quickly indoors or outdoors and can easily reach six feet or taller in height. Indica marijuana leaves are also bushier and look similar to Japanese maple leaves, unlike the easily recognizable stoner pot leaf symbol we see everywhere today.

When you need a strain to wind down with after a long day, indica’s CBD-heavy sedating effects, also called couch-lock, are ideal. Because of the high amounts of CBD in indica flower, it’s also suitable for pain relief, sleep, and increasing your appetite.

Notable indica strains include:


Flower from sativa plants usually contains higher amounts of THC than indica and hybrid strains, although the effects are typically on the opposite side of the spectrum. Grown in Africa and Central America, sativa plants can easily reach 20 feet in height, although they also do well indoors with an artificial light setup. Leaves are long and tall, closer in resemblance to the “typical” marijuana leaf.

Sativa strains bring an uplifting “head high” instead of offering sedating effects, making them perfect for daytime use. Those with mental illness can significantly benefit from the energizing, cerebral effects of sativa flower.

Popular sativa strains include:


Hybrid marijuana flower bridges the gap between indica and sativa, offering both relaxing and energizing effects. The variety of hybrid strains is endless, meaning plants come in different sizes, colorings, and even leaf shapes.

Because of selective cannabis breeding, hybrids may have exceptionally high THC levels or provide a specific effect. Hybrid strains are perfect for daytime and nighttime use, but it helps to know a strain’s particular effects before using it. A budtender can assist you in picking the right hybrid.

You’ll find hybrid strains such as:

Enjoy a Wide Marijuana Flower Selection

With the large market for marijuana flower, it can be challenging to choose the best strains for you. At Cannabis and Glass, our budtenders can walk you through our broad selection of marijuana flower. Visit one of our convenient dispensaries to learn more about the indica, sativa, and hybrid strains we offer.