Wedding Cake

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About Wedding Cake Marijuana

Also called Birthday Cake or Pink Cookies, the Wedding Cake strain is a popular choice. As a mix of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strains, Wedding Cake is one of the top Indica-dominant hybrids for medical and recreational use.

Wedding Cake has densely packed buds in the shape of pine trees, with dark green leave and lots of resin. It has several orange hairs and a frosty coating. Sometimes, buds contain purple tones.

The strain has a rich, sugary flavor profile with notes of berries, skunk, and sour diesel. It produces a thick smoke without much of a stimulating aroma. Despite the tasty flavor, the scent of Wedding Cake smoke is more earthy and floral with a hint of spice. Some people prefer to roll a joint of Wedding Cake, while others enjoy it in a pipe.

Wedding Cake Marijuana Effects

When you smoke the Wedding Cake strain, you will experience a cerebral rush followed by strong mental focus. Users often claim to have a shift in their perceptions of the outside world, making them hyper-aware of their surroundings.

The THC level is between 25-27%. Because of the high THC content, the Cake strain will deliver an intense euphoric high with heightened mental sensitivity. However, the Indica-based effects kick in when the high wears down, bringing a sense of calm and warmth throughout the body.

Despite the relaxation, you’ll still experience a cerebral buzz until the Wedding Cake strain wears off completely. The effects of Wedding Cake cannabis also have a reputation for medicinal use because it may help calm nerves or less anxiety. Side effects include dry mouth and eyes.

Where to Buy Wedding Cake Cannabis

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