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Interested in joining the C&G team?

Email your resume and cover letter to

We are looking for the right people for this company. Those with high energy & enthusiasm for the products and industry is a MUST.


Minimum of 21 years of age and MUST be a resident of Washington State.

If you live in Idaho, do not apply; we cannot hire you.

You must be able to pass a thorough background check.

You must remain compliant with any and all legal or company regulations for working in the industry.

Previous retail and/or customer service experience is strongly preferred; although, we are open to experience from other industries as long as it’s applicable to this role (if you previously excelled in sales, you’d be perfect for this role!)

Minimum education requirement:

You must have graduated with a high school diploma (not a GED)

4 Year College Degree (or currently in college, we love hiring students!) strongly preferred, especially for possible advancement within the company into a management role

We do not require previous professional experience in marijuana, but would strongly prefer at least a regular consumer of the product. Bud tenders are required to have a thorough first hand knowledge of all the products we sell. 
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