Green Crack

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Green Crack Marijuana effects

Green Crack is Sativa Dominant Hybrid. Typically, 65% Sativa and 35% Indica. Green Crack is for those looking to enjoy the “happy high”. Enjoy the positive energy and happy sometimes euphoric feelings attributed to this cannabis strain. GC is a great mental buzz that also allows you to remain focused. Enjoy the boost in energy. Many find it their go to strain for the perfect “wake and bake” experience. On the flip side, considering Green Crack’s potency, some may experience dry mouth and dry eyes. However, what nobody seems to debate, is its ability to limit the stimulation of paranoid thoughts or bad energy. Those who enjoy the uplifting properties of Green Crack tend to feel a reduction in stress and overall depressed thoughts.

More Info About Green Crack

Green Crack is considered fairly easy to grow and has high medicinal properties that it yields. Green Crack has a sweet, fruity flavor with some earthy tones. The most apparent in the flavorful strain are the mango and citrus that often are the boldest in the palate. Because of the uplifting and focused nature of the strain, it is a great daytime enhancement. Typically, the bud itself has a dense structure with noticeable crystal formation. This is not for your typical first timer as it tends to be very potent. Also known as Green Cush or Cush for those that prefer not to recognize to it by its slang cocaine reference.

Strains Associated with Green Crack

Skunk#1, Blue Dream, OG Kush, Chemdog

Where Can I Find Green Crack in Spokane, Washington?

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