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About Chemdog Marijuana

Chemdog (or chemdawg) is one of the top heavy hybrid hitters in the game and has become one the trademarks of cultivation. This strain has a unique flavor, known for its pungency. Chemdog is a strain with little history and it is uncertain where it came from. Some say that, it is a lucky seed. Other stories are that it was elaborate exchange during a grateful dead concert . wherever it came from or whoever found it or what ever happened we will never know, thank you for making the world a better place. Chemdog has a unique gas/chemical smell but the taste is almost diesel like, recommended for relief after a hard day of physical activities

Chemdog Marijuana Effects

Chemdog hits you quickly and enhances your senses. THC levels can measuring anywhere between 17%-25% depending on the control and care of the buds during growth, Chemdog is a social smoker that will lead to conversations. Chemdog is a good helper in bringing out the artist within or at least make you feel like one for a little while. This marijuana strain is great for after a long day of physical activities and is known to help with aches and discomforts.

More Info About Chemdog

Chemdog is potent and has made it value with crossbreeding. Due to its uniqueness, it will bring a pungent and tangy flavors to the party with it’s 55% sativa and 45% indica ratio. During growth chemdog smell is very powerful and some would say that it is loud, and the neighbors can hear it.

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