What Is Bubble Hash and How Is it Made

Bubble hash is a popular way for cannabis connoisseurs to consume marijuana. However, not everyone knows this type of cannabis, what it does, or how people make it.

As one of the leading cannabis dispensaries in Eastern Washington, our experienced budtenders at Cannabis & Glass are well-versed in bubble hash. Here, we explain everything you need to know about it.

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What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash is a type of hash cannabis companies make using ice and water. It gets its name from how the material bubbles when you smoke it.

It contains a potent concentration of resinous trichomes or glands ranging from dark brown to light blond—the lighter the color, the better the bubble hash quality.

You’ll usually find bubble hash unpressed with a crumbly texture. Its consistency ranges from a paste to a powder.

man smoking bubble hash

Full melt bubble hash is the highest caliber of bubble hash. It’s incredibly refined and almost bubbles away completely when you smoke it. The best quality hashes achieve their texture, potency, and other characteristics by passing through micron screens or mesh sieves to trap large materials and leave only small trichome heads behind.

The trichomes are full of THC and other cannabinoids responsible for creating the high, euphoric sensations cannabis offers. Since bubble hash mainly consists of the weed plant’s trichomes, it is potent and flavorful, with a THC level between 30 to 60%.

Bubble Hash vs. Kief

People sometimes confuse bubble hash with kief. However, kief refers to the dried resin glands that cover the outside of a cannabis flower. When you grind bud, the kief is the brown, sticky, crystallized power left in the grinder.

Though both bubble hash and kief both consist of potent trichomes, kief is the decompressed material that makes the hash.

How Do You Make Bubble Hash?

bubble hash bags

Making bubble hash requires ice water and bubble bags or screens. The first step is to place the quality cannabis flower into a bubble bag with ice water. These vinyl bags contain sieves that separate the resinous trichomes from other plant materials.

The trichome heads will freeze due to the water’s temperature. While agitating the weed flower in the bag, the trichomes will break off and filter through the sieve, which prevents unwanted plant material from sinking to the bottom of the bubble bag.

Multiple fine mesh screens are essential for making a refined product. Several bubble bags in various sizes will layer inside a container with a micron screen at the bottom layer. Micron screens only allow tiny particles to pass through them.

After agitating quality flowers in icy water, you pull the top bag full of cannabis and ice. Then, remove the material that filters into the second bag and set it aside. Then, you’ll invert the bag to release the water and trichomes through the remaining layers of bubble bags.

The more filtration the cannabis undergoes, the higher quality bubble hash the process will produce.

How to Dry Bubble Hash

Cannabis companies often use micron screens or cotton muslin fabric to dry bubble hash. Pressing the material between a fine mesh screen or cloth removes most of its moisture.

They may also freeze-dry the hash. Spreading the material across a tray and putting it in a freeze-dryer will quickly eliminate all moisture from the bubble hash and prevent it from getting moldy. Freeze-drying bubble hash takes less than 24 hours and preserves the cannabis terpenes or aromatic oils.

How Do You Use Bubble Hash?

The best way to consume bubble hash is to sprinkle a small amount in while rolling a joint. You can also smoke it by putting some on top of a bowl and increasing the weed’s potency.

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