How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

A frustrating aspect of smoking weed is having bud with no grinder. Maybe you’re at a social gathering and left the tool at home. Perhaps you broke it and haven’t found a replacement. Regardless of the reason, you need to find a way to break apart your nug so you can enjoy a smoke session.

The good news is that while you should break your bud into small pieces, a special grinder isn’t necessary. If you want to learn how to grind weed without a grinder, here are some worthwhile alternatives.

Why You Should Break Up Your Bud

Besides the obvious fact that a cannabis flower the size of a coin isn’t ideal for smoking, there are other reasons to break it up. For starters, breaking up weed enhances your smoke session by increasing the weed’s potency.

When you are able to tear the cannabis into pieces by grinding, shaving, or chopping the flower without skin-to-weed contact, you reduce how many trichomes you absorb before you smoke. Instead of the trichomes sticking to the oils in your fingers, they’ll stay with the bud. You will enjoy a fuller, more potent high.

Cutting the weed into small pieces also releases the kief (terpenes and cannabinoids) from the trichomes. Kief is incredibly potent, and it collects at the bottom of cutting tools with the resin. You can add it to everything from blunts to honey oil to enhance your high.

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Coffee Grinder

The next best thing to a weed grinder is a coffee grinder. You can turn your bud into confetti in seconds without creating a mess or getting your hands dirty.

When you add the flower, be sure not to pack the receptacle too tight, or you could damage the blades. You should also adjust the settings before you start to avoid turning the weed into a fine powder.

A possible drawback of this method is the cleaning. The coffee grinder will need thorough washing before and after using it to shred your bud. Otherwise, your future coffee grounds will taste and smell like weed—which might not be a bad idea, come to think of it!

Knife and Cutting Board

If you have access to a kitchen, grab a straight-edged, non-serrated knife and a cutting board. As long as the blade is sharp, you can treat cannabis like herbs and chop it up by hand until you achieve a consistent small dice.

This method works best if you can let your nugs dry for a while to take on a more crumbly texture. They will be easier to chop with a knife. Take necessary precautions while using the blade, of course, and don’t forget to clean it and the board thoroughly when you finish.

Coin and Pill Bottle

This classic technique works well at home or on the go. Find an empty pill bottle and a small, heavy coin, like a nickel. Sanitize them with rubbing alcohol. Then, add your bud and the coin into the bottle.

Finally, screw on the bottle cap and shake it for several minutes. The coin will break the nug. Check your progress every 30 seconds until you reach the right consistency.

Credit Card

If you’re somewhere without access to kitchen tools or a grinder, you could use a credit card. Clean the edges well to sanitize them. Grip the card on both sides and use the long edge like a blunt knife. The method isn’t as quick or effective as others, but it works fine in a pinch.


Another method to try is a key. Find one with a lot of ridges, and give it a good wash because keys are dirty. Then use its serrated edge like a knife and break apart your bud.

Because this method uses a small cutting tool, it can get a bit messy. Your key will have a lot of kief and resin on it, so it will need a second scrub when you finish.

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