The great Lilac City is a place that has a lot to offer, stoned or not. Deciding where to explore should not be like scrolling through Netflix. No one wants to try and find somewhere to go for so long that they end up never leaving the house.

Having been in business in Spokane since 2014 and residents long before, we know a thing or two about what there is to do here. Here is what we at Cannabis & Glass believe are the best things to do in Spokane when you’re feeling good.

Manito Park

If being stoned makes you feel like lying on the grass or connecting with nature a little, then Manito Park is the perfect place to visit. There are over 90 acres of greens to walk around. You can sit with some snacks to appease your hunger, walk around the ponds, and take in some of the themed gardens.

Take the SkyRide

If you haven’t already taken the SkyRide over Spokane Falls, then you are missing out! You can descend 200 feet at a relaxed pace in the comfort of a gondola car.

The view from the gondola alone is worth taking in as you pass over Huntingdon Park along the way. The SkyRide is great for anyone who wants to get out of the house while stoned, but then sit and take in some incredible views.

This experience is best enjoyed on a clear day. Having only opened in 2018, it is already one of the top things to do in Spokane when you’re stoned. However, if you are afraid of heights, this isn’t the activity for you.

Mini Golf at Riverfront Park

Wherever you try it, mini golf when stoned is a great activity for any group and will guarantee a lot of laughs. The mini golf course at Riverfront Park on Havermale Island is indoors, so it is an all-weather activity. Expect to find dinosaurs along the way, along with a fun way to spend some time after a smoke.

Compare your score to see if being stoned is a help or hindrance to your putting. Part of the fun will be the sensory element as you make sense of the prehistoric theme.

Go to The iMax

Also found at Riverfront Park, the iMax theater is a must for anyone looking for something to do after burning one. Not only do you get the cutting edge screen and comfortable recliners, but being stoned changes the experience. Comedies will be funnier, horrors even scarier and the snacks will be tastier.

Escape Room Spokane Valley

With a selection of five themes to choose from, you could attempt to escape a sheriff, fend for yourself on a mountain, or sneak into the Godfather’s domain. The whole experience is sure to be hilarious for you and your friends, it’s hard enough with a clear head – or maybe you will find it easier.

Spokane Falls

If you’re in downtown Spokane, you can’t help but be impressed by the intensity and volume of these powerful falls. The area consists of upper and lower falls, a dam, and a riverside walk. With plenty of fresh air to take in, Spokane Falls remains a quiet area that you can explore on foot while stoned.

With so many great things to do in Spokane when you’re lifted, you will need to try exploring more than once to fit everything in. If you’re in the Spokane area looking for a nearby weed store, be sure to visit Cannabis and Glass!