How To Roll a Blunt

Despite the many ways people enjoy cannabis, blunts remain one of the top smoking consumption methods. However, though many weed connoisseurs know how to smoke a blunt, that doesn’t mean they know how to roll a blunt.

Cannabis & Glass specializes in all things cannabis related, including rolling blunts. If you’re interested in learning how to roll the perfect blunt for an excellent smoking experience, we can help, starting with the guide below.

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What You’ll Need To Roll the Perfect Blunt

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Before you can start rolling a slow-burning blunt, you’ll need these tools and supplies:

  • Wrap or Cigar: Blunt papers differ from joint papers. The tobacco leaf wrap is standard for blunts, which separates it from the typical rolled joint.
  • Cannabis: Have one or two grams of your favorite weed strain on hand to roll a blunt.
  • Grinder: You can’t smoke your cannabis flower straight up. It’s best to first create an even consistency throughout the blunt. You can tear the bud by hand, but it causes a mess.
  • Razor Blade: If you use a cigar or cigarillo as your blunt wrapping paper, you’ll need a sharp tool to split it open. Razor blades make the ideal option.
  • Rolling Tray: Rolling blunts can be messy, considering how much ground weed and loose cigar contents you’ll work with. However, putting everything on a smooth tray makes it easier to contain the mess and roll blunts expertly.

You have several choices regarding blunt wraps, but your choice will depend primarily on preference and availability. For instance, you could hollow out any cigar or cigarillo to fill with your ground cannabis. We recommend wraps that retain a bit of moisture to prevent them from falling apart as you roll.

You can purchase many cigarillos at convenience stores, including these brands:

  • Phillies
  • Swisher Sweets
  • Dutch Masters
  • Black & Mild

How Do You Roll the a Blunt?

Follow these steps to learn how to roll a blunt in under five minutes.

Grind Your Bud

grind your bud

Cannabis preparation is the first step of rolling the perfect blunt. Use a weed grinder to break down your flower into tiny pieces with even consistency.

A grinder helps preserve the cannabis trichomes, which contain most of the bud’s THC and other cannabinoids. Breaking apart a marijuana flower with your fingers can easily cause precious trichomes to fall off. If you don’t have a grinder check out this article.

Prepare the Blunt Paper

The next step includes blunt wrapper preparation. Though you can use empty paper, many people prefer to cut a cigar or cigarillo with a blade and empty the contents to use the premade tobacco leaf wrap for their blunt. Regardless of which rolling paper you prefer, be sure to have it spread open and empty.

Then, you’ll need to give your wrap a bit of moisture to make it more pliable and easier to roll. Most people use a bit of saliva by licking the wrap, while others wipe a bit of water onto the paper using their fingers.

Try not to use too much water. Otherwise, the paper will disintegrate.

Fill the Blunt Wrap

fill the blunt

To fill the prepared blunt wrapper, hold it in one hand and manipulate it to create a small trough. Then, carefully fill it with the ground weed, pinch by pinch, along the wrapper’s length. With the wrapper filled, you can now roll it.

Learning how to roll a blunt takes practice. Start by carefully shifting the paper back and forth to ensure even cannabis distribution. When everything has equal thickness, bring one edge of the paper over the weed and tuck it under the opposite side.

Seal the blunt with water or saliva and press it down. The paper should stick to itself and keep the weed secure.

If blunts aren’t your thing, you might like our post “How to Roll a Joint Like the Experts Do.”

Start Rolling Your Perfect Blunts Today

If you want to roll a blunt, you’ll need to head to Cannabis & Glass for all essential elements. Our budtenders at our Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake, WA, locations can provide more tips on how to roll a blunt and sell you everything you’ll need for a wonderful at-home smoking session at affordable prices.

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