Hiking Trail

An expanse of sandy shorelines, nature trails, and top-tier hotels make Liberty Lake, Washington something special. Unsurprisingly, Liberty Lake has drawn in visitors by the thousands for the past hundred years. Even better, one of our Cannabis & Glass dispensaries is in Liberty Lake.

So, what else can you do besides stock up on your favorite strains?

Golf, Golf, and More Golf

With no fewer than 33 of America’s most challenging and striking golf courses, many featured in Golf Digest’s main 100, teeing off is a breeze. You’ll benefit from over 250 days of sunshine here in Liberty Lake so you shouldn’t be struggling in the rain.

When you’ve finished the 18th hole, you’ll then find plenty of restaurants, wineries, and malls close by so you can further decompress after a hard day on the greens.

Unbeatable Outdoor Activities

Your choice of outdoor recreational activities certainly doesn’t stop with golf, either. Perhaps you fancy taking your bike out for a leisurely ride along scenic trails? How about rowing down a stunning stream or simply kicking back by one of the area’s 76 lakes with some edibles?

If you like something more energetic, you’ll have white water rapids and skiing on hand, too.

Show-Stopping Farmers Market

Coming into its own toward the end of summer, Liberty Lake Farmers Market has a magnificent community vibe. Packed with food and plant vendors, you can find the freshest produce along with truly eclectic stalls.

With music to round out a warm and welcoming atmosphere, take a hit on your bong then head down to mingle with the crowds.

Hit the Trail

Meandering its way along Spokane River, the Centennial Trail runs for close to forty miles and truly has something for everyone. Walk, run, bike, or skate to the river. You’ll be surrounded by natural beauty while breathing in the cleanest, freshest air.

From a solo mission to an outing with friends or family, hit the trail alongside 2.5 million annual visitors to this exceptional showcase of nature at its finest.

Liberty Lake Regional Park

Comprising over 3,500 acres of lakeshore, forest, wetlands, and conservation areas, Liberty Lake Regional Park is a must if you’re in the area. Whether you want to head to the sandy beaches or chill with a BBQ in the woods, you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied all day long.

Liberty Lake Loop is a snaking eight-mile track taking you through a fragrant forest and past a year-round waterfall.

Wine Cellars All Around

If you’re exhausted after all that activity, Liberty Lake is stuffed with wineries. From Arbor Crest Wine Cellars with its sweeping and majestic hilltop views outside town to Liberty Lake Wine Cellars with a tasting room overlooking the lake, this area is a wine lover’s dream.

Marijuana Dispensaries

If you’re partial to some recreational marijuana to round out your day, it’s legal here in Washington.

Head on down to Cannabis & Glass on Appleway Avenue and choose something special from the enormous menu, perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike.