cannabis for sleep

As the cannabis industry in the United States continues to grow, many people are discovering the numerous benefits of CBD, THC, and other cannabis elements. But is cannabis a viable method for improving your current sleeping patterns?

There is some evidence that suggests cannabis can help you improve your sleep. If you’ve tried cannabis in the past, you’ve probably noticed it can make you feel drowsy and tired. Still, the impact of cannabis on your sleep can vary significantly from person to person. The strain you consume will also make a large difference.

As a lack of sleep can cause serious health problems, finding methods for improving your sleep can play a major role in improving your overall life. If you’re plagued by trouble sleeping, it’s worth giving cannabis a try to see if it works for you.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at cannabis strains that can help you sleep better. If you’re looking for reliable marijuana for sleep, make sure to check out the options below.

Strains for Sleep

Blue Dream (Sativa)

Many marijuana users will tell you that sativa is better if you want to stay awake. While this is sometimes the case, Blue Dream is an excellent way to forget your worries and relax your mind. If you want to escape the daily stresses that keep you up at night, this sativa strain may be able to help.

While indica strains are often considered better for sleeping, Blue Dream is one of our favorite options for people who get anxious at bedtime. This is certainly worth considering if you’re ready to find a cannabis product that helps you focus on falling asleep.


If you’ve been smoking marijuana for a while, you’ve probably seen a lot of strains with “Kush” in their names. These strains are good choices for helping you sleep. In fact, they’re generally thought to be a heavy sedative.

It’s a good idea to consider Purple Kush and other popular Kush strains if you’re looking for a range of different cannabis options.

GrandDaddy Purple (Indica)

While most indica strains are thought to provide a “drowsy” high, GrandDaddy Purple is particularly effective at helping you sleep. GrandDaddy Purple is known for its stress relief properties, so this is another excellent option for people who experience anxious thoughts when it’s time to go to sleep.

Assess Your Personal Experience

The most effective way to find the best cannabis for sleep is to try strains for yourself. As different cannabis strains can affect people in individual ways, it’s a good idea to see which one works for you. Seek out the strains mentioned in this article at Cannabis & Glass or your local cannabis store and see which one is most suitable for bedtime.

It’s also important to facilitate a good sleeping environment to maximize the effectiveness of cannabis on your sleep. The more seriously you take the process of improving your sleep, the better your results will be. Focus on creating a routine and avoiding distractions before you begin consuming cannabis to improve your sleep.