Kritical Kush

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About Kritical Kush Marijuana

Kritical Kush is a 90/10 Indica dominant Hybrid, with a 16% THC level. Brought to us by California-based Barney’s Farm, this Hybrid is the result of crossing a couple overwhelmingly popular strains. Critical Mass and OG Kush. Buds of this plant are small, dense, light green, with amber hairs and a fair amount of resiny trichomes. You can expect the scent of Kritical Kush is pungent, with the aromas of pine and spice being more prevalent. Expect more of the same in regards to its taste. Piney and terp-like with a hint of ginger, Kritical Kush is perfect for those who enjoy earthy Indica-like bud.

Kritical Kush Marijuana Effects

Even though it boasts a relatively modest THC content, Kritical Kush is capable of putting even the most veteran smoker on the couch, if taken too lightly. Overwhelming Indica, the Kritical Kush high is relaxing to the point of sedation. Be prepared to enjoy relaxation of both the body and mind, as the high slowly builds. The high is a predominantly physical at the onset. The hint of Sativa shows itself in the middle with mild euphoria and cerebral high, but it is the Indica that prevails in this strain, as the high finishes with advanced sedation. So much so, that this is arguably our best strain for treating insomnia. Also reported as a favorite for those seeking treatment for nausea, inflammation, and pain. Kritical Kush is ideal for end-of-the-day consumption.

Strains Associated with Kritical Kush

Critical Mass, OG Kush

Where Can I Find Kritical Kush in Spokane, Washington?

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