Space Candy

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About Space Candy Marijuana

Space Candy is an evenly balanced Hybrid strain with a 16% THC level. The result of crossing Cotton Candy with Cherry Space Queen, the strain was created by Heroes Of The Farm. The aroma of this bud lives up to the name. It is a fruity, sweet smell, with earthy undertones. Meanwhile, the taste is reminiscent of a candy apple, with a slightly nutty undertone. The flowers of this Space Candy are small, light green, and boast larger-than-normal trichomes. Typically difficult to find outside of its home state of Colorado, Space Candy is as rare as it is tasty.

Space Candy Marijuana Effects

It is not always true that a 50/50 Hybrid will produce a very evenly balance high, but as is the case with Space Candy. The best of both Indica and Sativa, the high is simultaneously euphoric and relaxing. Be prepared to enjoy an invigorating cerebral mindstate while also feeling warm and mellow. Although not one of our most intense strains, the high is one that can be enjoyed by a wide range of enthusiasts, during a wide range of settings; suitable for both an afternoon picnic and a night out with friends. Adding to this strains versatility is its broad set of medicinal applications, most notably its use in relieving migraines and seizures.

Strains Associated with Space Candy

Cotton Candy, Cherry Space Queen

Where Can I Find Space Candy in Spokane, Washington?

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