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About Somango Marijuana

Brought to you by the team over at Soma Seeds, Somango is 75/25 Indica-leaning Hybrid with an impressive 24% THC content. The result of crossing Jack Herer, Big Skunk Korean, and Super Skunk, Somango adopts some of the best attributes of each. Though Indica heavy, this strain is very Sativa like in appearance. The light-green buds are large, fluffy, and spade shaped, with a moderate amount of rust colored hairs. The smell of Somango is that of tropical fruit mixed with spicy, floral back notes. The taste is a touch of earthiness with a lot of mango, after all, this strain was renamed from Soma #5 due to it’s decidedly tropical taste.

Somango Marijuana Effects

Somango’s Sativa-like properties carry over into the high it provides. After giving the bud a little time to kick in, you will begin to enjoy a very cerebral, uplifting high. It is a clear headed experience that allows you to stay creative and focused, while at the same time feeling euphoric. Due in part to its energizing, clear-headed properties, we recommend Somango to those looking to get high all all different times of the day. Additionally, Somango has been reported as a favorite by those using marijuana to help treat anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

Strains Associated with Somango

Jack Herer, Big Skunk Korean, Super Skunk, Lavender

Where Can I Find Somango in Spokane, Washington?

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