White Amnesia

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About White Amnesia Marijuana

White Amnesia is the result of crossing Amnesia Haze with Afghani Indica. What you get is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid. With THC levels measuring in at 22%, the small, bright green, sticky buds of this Sativa-heavy strain pack a punch. The most notable physical characteristic of this strain is that the buds are sometimes nearly white, due to the immense amount of trichomes. Buds are aromatic with very tea-like qualities. Expect the herbal, spicy, sweet scent to carry over into the flavor, as well. Although White Amnesia is a fairly rare strain, it has gained rave reviews from those in the know, and has even had some success in international competitions.

White Amnesia Marijuana Effects

The White Amnesia high is spectacularly cerebral. Prepare to feel uplifted and energized, almost immediately. As the high progresses, you will begin to experience psychedelic effects. The stimulation and excitement of this high is long lasting, making it ideal for enjoying before an event or at the beginning of a long day with friends. There are various medical uses for this strain. Due to the near frantic energy it provides, White amnesia is one of our favorite strains for treating fatigue, and is also recommended for those suffering stress and/or depression. This is one strain you really need to check out.

Strains Associated with White Amnesia

Amnesia, Afhgan Kush, AK-47

Where Can I Find White Amnesia in Spokane, Washington?

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