control thc tolerance

If you consume THC regularly, you may notice that you can’t achieve the same high that you experienced when you first started smoking. Unfortunately, many cannabis users eventually build up a tolerance to THC, which can reduce how much you enjoy using marijuana and other THC products. This is commonly referred to as “THC tolerance.”

If you enjoy using THC, you might be searching for a way to reduce this tolerance. By lowering your tolerance, you can improve your high and cut down how much you spend on cannabis. Many cannabis users that have a high tolerance end up consuming much more THC than when they first began smoking.

We’ve compiled five quick tips you can use to reduce your THC tolerance. We recommend that you use these tips in conjunction with one another – a comprehensive approach is the best way to improve your high.


As THC is stored in your fat cells, one of the best ways to reduce your tolerance is to burn fat and sweat. That’s why we recommend that you exercise regularly if you want to decrease your THC tolerance. By engaging in cardio exercise, you can help reduce the amount of THC in your body. Be sure to check the list we put together of the Best Hiking Trails Near Spokane.

Exercising and sweating is thought to be an extremely effective method for removing THC from your fat cells. This is why many people begin to exercise rigorously if they have an upcoming drug test.

Consume Water

Drinking water is another excellent way to flush THC out of your system and decrease your tolerance. Make sure to stay hydrated, especially if you’re using exercise to reduce your tolerance.

It’s important not to drink too much water. Many people don’t realize it, but consuming too much water in a short period can have serious health consequences (even death). Instead, simply make a firm commitment to drinking a few more cups of water each day.

Change Your Method

If you’re someone who enjoys smoking cannabis, you might not realize that smoking metabolizes THC differently than when you eat cannabis. Depending on how you consume your THC, your body will metabolize it very differently. This means that you can access a better high if you’re willing to change your method of consumption.

If you’re currently someone who enjoys sticking to a single method of consumption, it’s time to get creative. Start looking for edibles or vapes if you’re searching for other enjoyable THC products. click here to learn more about the most popular ways people consume marijuana.


Along with drinking water and exercising, antioxidants can help you flush THC out of your body. Consuming fruits, green juices, and other antioxidant-dense foods and drinks can reduce your THC tolerance.

Take a Hiatus

Lastly, one of the most full-proof methods for reducing your THC tolerance is taking a break. If you want to improve your highs and increase the enjoyment you get from THC, it’s sometimes best to take a few weeks off. By letting your body remove the THC from your system, you can rest assured that your tolerance will be significantly reduced.