Hiking Spokane

Here at Cannabis & Glass, we chose to base one of our dispensaries in Spokane—and with good reason. The climate here is moderate, with no extreme temperatures. That means conditions are ideal for hiking year-round.

Spokane is famous for its picturesque rock formations, river and lake trails, swimming holes, and breathtaking alpine vistas—there’s no shortage of outdoor activities. In fact there are an abundance of things to do in Spokane. Below, we’ll take you on a brief tour of the best hiking trails near Spokane.

Rocks of Sharon Trail, WA

The Rocks of Sharon, affectionately known as the Big Rock, are a popular spot for rock climbing enthusiasts from all over. It’s at Iller Creek Conservation Area, which is a part of the Dishman Hills Natural Area. Climbing or hiking to the peak of these rocks gives you a sweeping and rewarding view.

Riverside State Park Trail, WA

You will see the Bowl and Pitcher area here, one of the most popular camping grounds in Spokane. This lengthy trail also features the looped Trail 25 at Deep Creek Canyon where you can enjoy strolling through its numerous meandering paths.

There’s a wooden suspension bridge at the river that will lead you to stairs ascending a hill. From there, you can marvel at the stunning backdrop of the valley and the river’s rock structures.

Palouse Falls State Park

Its spectacular columnar gorge and colorful surroundings earned Palouse Falls its status as Washington’s designated state falls. Its breathtaking 200-feet waterfalls are said to have been the result of Ice Age flooding. The magnificent views of this place, as well as its glorious sunsets, are sure to fill you with delight.

Mineral Ridge National Scenic Trail, Idaho

This Best Hiking Trails Near Spokane spot is popular for bird watchers, particularly those interested in seeing bald eagles in the winter. The views along its forested paths alone make this scenic trail well worth a visit.

Liberty Lake Loop, WA

This looped trekking area is elevated about 2,800 feet above sea level. You’ll be greeted by charming cottonwoods and ponderosa pines studded all along the trails. Liberty Creek Lake will enchant everyone with its beauty and provides a perfect view from your campsite.

Goldback Loop Trail

This is the opening trail to explore the Dishman Hills Conservation Area. It also features the Rocks of Sharon and Glenrose Unit. An abundance of rounded mounds serves as dotted markers for the hike.
Wooden stairs will lead you to a trail that winds its way up and down.

Glenrose Cliff Trail, WA

Glenrose Unit, as mentioned above, is part of the Dishman Hills Trail. Your hike will start at the rolling hills and end at Brown Mountain. The array of wildflowers is truly fantastic. You can even hire horses for some gentle riding. The views of the Spokane Valley from above are majestic.

What to Do When You’ve Finished Hiking

If you’re exhausted after a hard day hitting the trail, why not stop by our marijuana dispensary here in Spokane? At Cannabis & Glass, we carry 400 strains of recreational marijuana for your perusal. Make your evening as relaxing as your day was stimulating!