marijuana growing outside

Cultures and individuals have enjoyed marijuana for thousands of years. While most of the marijuana consumed today is planted and tended by humans, there are locations around the world where it grows naturally.

Many experts believe that marijuana originated in South and Central Asia and was able to spread across virtually every area of the globe over a period of hundreds of years.

Different strains are built to grow in diverse climates which can have a significant impact on their natural ability to grow without human intervention.

Though natural growing marijuana does occur in many different climates and regions, most of the marijuana consumed today is developed through a specific process to enhance its intended effects after consumption. Marijuana producers around the world look to take advantage of the various climates in which marijuana can grow to produce the desired finished product.

Where Marijuana Grows in Nature

Let’s look at the environments and regions in which marijuana can grow naturally.

Dry Regions

Some types of marijuana can thrive in incredibly dry regions, such as the Middle East and Northern Africa. These regions are often very windy which helps the marijuana seeds spread across the desert.

Strains that grow in these dry regions must adapt to the constant change of temperature that occurs during the day and night.

Popular Strains in Dry Regions

  • Sinai
  • Afghani

Temperate Regions

These subtropical regions are also a common climate in which various strains of marijuana can grow naturally. These strains typically need to live and grow in a moderate environment and would struggle if placed in a region that is extremely hot, cold, dry, or wet.

The ideal temperature and climate for these marijuana strains to thrive must be warm, not too hot, and wet, but not too wet.

Popular Strains in Temperate Regions

  • Lebanese Red
  • Swazi Gold

Continental Regions

Another region in which marijuana can grow unaided and in the wild falls under the category of a continental climate. Continental climates are generally very hot year-round but are also known for their heavy rains during the summer. Winters in continental regions are typically cold and very dry.

Strains that can strive in continental regions must also continually adapt to the changing of each season to survive.

Popular Strains in Continental Regions

  • Swiss Sativa
  • Nepalese

Tropical Regions

These regions are known for their heat during the summer, humidity, and regular rainfall throughout the year.

A significant portion of marijuana strands thrive in this type of climate which is why tropical regions around the world are often the headquarters of cannabis producers looking to create large quantities of product.

Tropical regions usually have access to year-round sunlight which enables strains that need sunlight to grow in these areas. Strains built for tropical areas do not do well under cold winter conditions.

Popular Strains in Tropical Regions

  • Lamb’s Bread
  • Malawi

Marijuana is one of the world’s most unique plants, and its adaptability allows for it to grow in regions all around the globe.