what is kind bud

If you’re part of weed culture, you might be familiar with the term Kind Bud. But have you ever stopped to ask what it means? Does it refer to a specific strain, a growing area, or certain cannabis properties? Let’s clear up a few misconceptions surrounding this expression.

Is It “Kind” Or Kine Bud: The Real Meaning

Saying “Kind Bud” is a common mistake. The proper term is Kine Bud, originating in the pidgin Hawaiian expression “da kine” (probably evolved from “that kind”). “Da kine” is a catch-all for “excellent.”

When you talk about weed, Kine Bud usually refers to any type of high-quality cannabis in contrast with poorly grown, improperly stored dirt weed that fails to deliver the desirable effect of cannabis. Understanding the marijuana plant’s anatomy is a determining factor of how to classify the bud as Kine or Kind.

Kine Bud and Sinsemilla

People also use the terms “kind bud” and “kine bud” interchangeably with “sinsemilla.” Today, top-shelf marijuana sold through reputable dispensaries is typically sinsemilla (“seedless” in Spanish). Sinsemilla isn’t a particular strain but rather a growing process that keeps the female cannabis plants away from their male counterparts.

Cannabis is dioecious, meaning it is a plant of two sexes. Normally, the male pollen fertilizes the female plant. Without fertilization, the female plants secrete more high-THC resin to create potent cannabis.

Before the sinsemilla method gained popularity, most marijuana was illegally smuggled from Mexico, usually in the form of harsh, pungent brick weed full of residue like seeds and stems.

What It Takes To Make Kine Bud

growing kine bud for dispensaries

Today, there’s no need for weed users to compromise for low-quality buds. Local dispensaries, like Cannabis & Glass,  are full of vetted, carefully grown and stored cannabis strains sought for their healthful and mood-boosting properties.

What sets kine bud apart? Creating top-quality cannabis strains is a combination of heredity, growing conditions, thorough drying, and careful storage. Below are the main factors of delivering good weed.


Every cannabis strain has unique properties. Some strains are rich in THC, which creates that sense of high that many weed users know and love. Others contain more CBD, which is non-inebriating but can lower anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve mood. Many popular strains are hybrids combining the desirable qualities of both original strains.

Growing Conditions

After starting with good-quality strains, cannabis cultivators must also provide their plants with the right growing conditions, including optimal light intensity, temperatures, and amounts of water and nutrients. Cannabis plants like high levels of CO2 and temperatures in the range of 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Harvesting cannabis at the peak time is crucial for the crop’s quality. Cannabis plants usually have a harvesting window of 2-3 weeks, during which leaves typically turn yellow and pistils become opaque. Harvesting too soon will give you buds with lower THC, while waiting too long will make some of the THC convert into the weaker cannabinoid CBN.

Drying and Curing

This step is critical for achieving a potent, high-quality product. The drying process usually takes several days. During this time, harvested plants hang upside down on hangers or lines or rest on drying racks. The buds are usually ready when branches or stems snap.

Once the buds are dry enough, it’s time to transfer them to containers, ideally airtight glass jars, for curing. It’s possible to use buds as soon as they’re dry, but a longer curing process will improve flavor and potency.

How To Make Sure You Buy Kine Bud

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Most people don’t grow their own weed. Typically, you’ll depend on a local dispensary to get your buds. It’s important to choose a vetted, reputable source that only sells top-quality cannabis.

When buying cannabis flower, pay attention to the following:

  • Bud structure. A good-quality bud will have a solid, tri-dimensional shape without many visible gaps.
  • Trichome density. A high-potency flower should appear frosty or waxy thanks to a high concentration of THC- and CBD-containing trichomes.
  • Texture. A properly cured bud is dry enough but not so dry that it turns to dust when rolling it.

Find Kine Bud at Cannabis & Glass

Today, purchasing “kind bud” is easier than ever. At Cannabis & Glass, we offer a huge variety of flowers, as well as other recreational cannabis products like edibles, concentrates, and cartridges. Check out our dispensary menus online and visit one of our three convenient locations in Eastern Washington!