man smoking a spliff

Whether you smoke weed or not, you’re likely familiar with the terms ”joint” and “spliff.” You may have even heard them used interchangeably, but joints and spliffs are not the same.

In this blog post, Cannabis and Glass will be clearing away the smoke to help you understand the difference between spliffs and joints and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

What Is a Joint?

man rolling a joint

Joints are what most people imagine when they think of smoking weed. A joint consists of pure dried cannabis flower and rolling paper. Joints are by far the most popular way to consume marijuana, thanks to their portability and direct delivery to your body when you inhale.

Not everyone likes to roll their own joints, which is one of the many reasons dispensaries have become so popular. In addition to vetting every cannabis product, most dispensaries provide pre-rolled joints for the ultimate convenience.

What Is a Spliff?

tobacco and marijuana in a spliff

Whereas a joint uses only marijuana, a spliff contains a mixture of cannabis and tobacco leaves rolled in cigarette paper. The exact ratio of a proper spliff is open to debate, but some combination of cannabis and tobacco is required to earn the name.

While cannabis strains alone tends to have a calming effect, combining it with tobacco can provide an energy boost for those wanting that extra “edge” in their smoking experience. Spliffs also save money, as tobacco is cheaper than marijuana, allowing you to make the most of your supply.

The one potential downside to spliffs is their tobacco content. Tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive stimulant, so spliffs may not be the ideal option if you have never smoked a cigarette. They’re also more popular overseas than in the United States, especially in Europe, where attitudes toward tobacco are relatively lax.

Comparing Spliffs and Joints

Spliffs and joints have similarities and differences to consider when selecting the right cannabis product.


  • Spliffs and joints use rolling paper to keep their contents intact.
  • Both contain cannabis flower.
  • Both use paper filters (crutches). Like the filter you would see on the draw end of a cigarette, a crutch allows you to smoke a whole joint without burning your fingers.
  • Both are similar in size and appearance.
  • Both are convenient and portable.


  • While spliffs and joints both contain cannabis, only spliffs contain tobacco as well. On average, the ratio is 50/50, though this varies.
  • Spliffs are more addictive because of their nicotine content.
  • Whereas spliffs can be energizing, joints tend to offer a mellower experience.
  • The tobacco in spliffs makes them burn more evenly and easily.

Any of the above points could be a pro or a con, depending on your preferences. For example, while the small size of spliffs and joints makes them easy to carry around, it also makes them easier to hide or forget on your person. Just one in the wrong place at the wrong time could land you in trouble with the law if you’re not careful.

Spliffs vs. Joints: Which Are Better?

group smoking a joint

There are many different ways to consume pot. Whether or not a joint would suit you more than a spliff is a matter of personal preference. Spliffs might be the better choice if you already smoke cigarettes. On the other hand, you might want to stick with joints if you have never smoked tobacco, as cannabis smoke is gentler on the lungs.

However, you can find a happy medium between these two options: blunts. Though blunts contain only cannabis, they use wraps made of tobacco instead of paper for an added flavor profile. A blunt might be worth a try if you want to ease into the world of spliffs.

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