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When many people think of using marijuana, they picture smoking a joint. But today, there are many other ways to consume cannabis that don’t involve smoking — like marijuana shots.

Marijuana shots are small cannabis beverages that you can consume in a single “shot.” They come in a range of tasty flavors and allow you to quickly experience the high sensation that comes with marijuana use.

Here’s everything you need to know about marijuana THC shots. If you like trying something different, stop by Cannabis & Glass dispensary today to view our current inventory of shots!

What Are Marijuana Shots?

Marijuana shots are small, shot-sized beverages that contain THC. The average marijuana shot is anywhere from one to three ounces and contains approximately 100 mg of THC. This is a relatively high dose of THC that produces significant effects.

Taking a liquid marijuana shot allows users to experience that long-lasting high quickly rather than waiting for it to take effect as they smoke a joint. The liver metabolizes the cannabis in the same way that edibles take effect in the body. The THC enters the bloodstream, providing fast-acting sensations.

How Fast Do Marijuana Shots Take Effect?

How Fast Do Marijuana Shots Take Effect

The speed with which you can expect to experience a “high” sensation after taking a marijuana shot depends on the concentration of the shot. A higher dose of THC in a smaller bottle will take effect faster than a lower dose spread across a larger amount of liquid.

However, you can generally expect the effects of a marijuana shot or edible to take effect within 30 minutes to a few hours after ingestion. Marijuana shots often begin working faster than edibles, as your body does not need to digest the liquid the same way it does a solid food.

What Do Marijuana Shots Taste Like?

what do thc shots taste like

Liquid marijuana shots come in several tasty flavors, such as raspberry, lemonade, and lemon berry. You’ll likely still taste a small amount of that unmistakable marijuana flavor when taking a cannabis shot, but these fruity flavors and syrups do a good job of masking it.

If the flavor profile of marijuana shots is too strong, consider another type of cannabis drink. You can find liquid cannabis drinks that mimic the tastes of popular sodas like Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper. These drinks are larger than marijuana shots and spread out the marijuana dosage more.

What Is the Bioavailability of Marijuana Shots?

Bioavailability refers to the proportion of the THC that enters circulation in the body and is able to produce an active effect. Just because you consume 100 mg of THC doesn’t mean that all 100 mg will make it into your bloodstream.

The typical bioavailability of THC that is swallowed is between 4% and 20%. However, you can look for liquid THC shots that have a higher bioavailability if you want a more potent effect.

For example, some marijuana shots use nanoemulsion technology to infuse the THC into liquid at the size of a nano. This process creates extremely small THC particles that manufacturers then mix into the liquid THC beverage. Your body can absorb these nanoparticles more quickly than it does typical THC particles, increasing the bioavailability of the THC.

Are Marijuana THC Shots Safe?

are thc shots safe

Marijuana THC shots are generally safe when you purchase them from a reputable dispensary and follow the package instructions. These shots contain high concentrations of THC, so make sure to stay aware of how much THC you’re consuming. If you’re sensitive to THC, you may want to start with only half a shot and observe how your body reacts as marijuana affects everyone differently.

Ingesting too much THC in a short period comes with some health risks, like dry mouth, conjunctivitis, panic, paranoia, and fast heart rate. Use these shots responsibly and consult your local dispensary with any questions before use.

Where Can You Purchase Marijuana Shots?

You can find marijuana shots on the shelves of many dispensaries in states, like Washington, where THC is legal. Other states may sell CBD shots, which follow the same concept using CBD instead of THC.

At Cannabis & Glass, we offer a wide range of marijuana and THC products — including several flavors of marijuana shots. If you’re looking for a specific product, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our dispensary locations in Spokane, Spokane Valley, or Liberty Lake. Browse our dispensary menu online to see what we have in stock. Find the right product for you today!