Cannabis Social Networks

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you surely enjoy connecting with like-minded people. While cannabis lovers do use mass social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you might consider trying out some of the cannabis-specific networks out there. Read on to learn about our top three cannabis social networks.


WeedLife, also known as “the cannabis Facebook,” is a thriving cannabis business social network and hangout. It has a catchy, constantly updating newsfeed layout that displays everything cannabis-related, including news, reviews, and how-to guides. Unsurprisingly, more and more cannabis users and businesses are choosing WeedLife as their go-to social network.

You can register on WeedLife directly or link your account to a social media platform you are already using, like Facebook or Twitter.

Individual users and businesses alike can register on WeedLife, but its main orientation is business-to-consumer. MjLink, WeedLife’s sister network, is more business-to-business.

WeedLife enables its users to:

  • Keep up with the latest cannabis news, hot trends, and innovative products
  • Create an individual profile and connect with other cannabis lovers
  • Share photos, videos, and other visual content
  • Get in touch with industry leaders and profit from their expertise
  • Swap information and opinions on cannabis products and businesses
  • Enter lively debates and start discussions on an active cannabis forum
  • Join and create fan pages and groups

GrassCity Forums

The GrassCity forums are perhaps the oldest cannabis social network. Originally, GrassCity started as a forum for cannabis growers, where people could find how-to guides and share their experiences, but over the years it has developed into an all-encompassing social network where people connect, share cannabis stories, and exchange tips and product reviews.

GrassCity has close to 700,000 users and has launched a mobile app for easier access from any device.

On GrassCity, users can:

  • Get initiated into the world of cannabis
  • Chat with other cannabis enthusiasts
  • Learn all about growing cannabis indoors and outdoors
  • Discuss the latest cannabis-related politics and legislations
  • Check out a comprehensive list of U.S. cannabis dispensaries


Established in 2018, LeafWire is a cannabis business social network with a more professional orientation and less of a recreational aspect. You could call it the LinkedIn of the cannabis world. It has two profile options: cannabis professional or accredited investor.

LeafWire is geared toward connecting potential investors with cannabis businesses. If you are a business owner, you can network with investors. If you are an investor, you’ll have an opportunity to evaluate a range of cannabis businesses.

The cannabis industry is growing, with roughly $25 billion in annual sales and 250,000 related jobs. LeafWire is catering to this development, and a savvy cannabis business owner can make good use of the network.

LeafWire users can:

  • Browse through a pool of potential investors (for business owners)
  • Connect with cannabis business owners (for investors)
  • Post job listings if you are interested in hiring people for your cannabis business
  • Find jobs in the cannabis industry
  • Network with other cannabis businesses and professionals, catch up with new trends, and swap useful information

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