For many of us, music just sounds better when you’re lifted. You can hear every individual instrument in a different way, the lyrics often have a new meaning, and the songs just sound different, often in a good way. And right now, with all that we are going through in 2020 thus far, we’ve never had more time to listen to music. So take advantage of your time wisely and learn more about some of the amazing musicians from the area.

Our local musicians are some the world’s best, as some of the most legendary artists have come from Washington. Bing Crosby was even raised in our own Spokane, and the state as a whole can boast of Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix, among many others.

Whether you are looking for something different, or want to know who we have to brag about, here are some of the finest bands and musicians from Washington. We’re sure you’ll hear some of their music playing in our Spokane pot shops!

Beat Connection

If you enjoy a bit of electronica while high, you should check out Beat Connection; it is a group of Washington’s finest local musicians. They have a sound that you can dance to or just put on and leave in the background.

The name “Beat Connection” came from an LCD Soundsystem song, and since their formation in 2008, they have become many people’s road trip band of choice. Tune in and enjoy the relaxed vibe of “So Good.”

The Flavr Blue

With a sound that is chill personified, The Flavr Blue is an electronic R&B trio fronted by Hollis Wong-Weir. Their sound suits any west coast summer, but don’t be surprised if some of their songs seem familiar.

The Flavr Blue has changed its style over the years, but the 2017 Blue Dream album combines rap lyrics with an electronic backdrop. Light one up and listen to “Fetti and Spaghetti.”

Foo Fighters

foo fighters

That’s right: founded by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl in 1994, the Foo Fighters are one of Washington’s most famous musical exports. You probably already listen to them when high, enjoying the mix of angsty post-grunge guitars combined with Grohl’s raw voice. Turn it up loud or plug in your headphones and take your pick of their numerous iconic songs.

A band that has stood up to the test of time, Foo Fighters continue to sell out stadiums around the world. Our favorite album of theirs is still The Colour and The Shape (1997); listen to ‘’My Hero’’ and “Everlong,” and then move onto the newer material, “Run.”

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie
Formed in Bellingham, Death Cab for Cutie makes the perfect soundtrack for your mellow high. Since their debut album Something About Airplanes (1998), they have become a commercial success, going on to record nine studio albums.

Death Cab is fronted by Ben Gibbard, the distinctive, poetic voice that has seen the indie rock band nominated for a Grammy. Check out the song “Soul Meets Body,” and go on from there.

Pearl Jam

pearl jam albums
No list of Washington’s finest musicians would be complete without Pearl Jam. Emerging from the famous 90’s Seattle grunge scene, the band is fronted by the distinctive voice of Eddie Vedder. His lyrics can be found tattooed on the bodies of die-hard fans, and their songs will be a source of nostalgia for many.

Their sound was less heavy than their contemporaries, which might be the reason behind their lasting success. Pearl Jam has sold over 85 million records worldwide, and if you are lighting one up and looking for something to blast through your speakers, you are spoiled for choice. You have to listen to “Jeremy” and “Alive” as a start.

With so many other bands worth mentioning, consider this as a good place to start. Washington has a list of local musicians that can rival any other state, and that won’t be stopping anytime soon.