Indica Flower Strains

The cannabis plant includes three major types: indica, sativa, and hybrids. Indica, originating from the India and Pakistan, is famous for its pain-relieving, soothing, and sleep-enhancing properties. Indica strains have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC, which means stronger healing properties and less of an intoxicating effect.

Indica plants come in many strains, each with its unique properties. Below we’ve listed our top 10 favorites.

1. Indica Crystal Extreme (ICE)

ICE stands for Indica Crystal Extreme, after the white frost-like effect that settles on the leaves of this strain close to harvest time. ICE is a hybrid of Northern Lights and Afghan with an admixture of Skunk. It has a THC content of about 18%, with a spicy, earthy aroma, and gives a moderate high.

2. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is an immensely popular strain. This 70% indica strain has around 7% CBD and a THC level of 17-27%. It is renowned for its powerful euphoria-inducing, sleep-enhancing, pain-relieving, and relaxing properties.

3. Northern Lights

This famous 95% Indica strain has a strong aroma and potent qualities. With THC levels between 16 and 26%, Northern Lights will smoothly usher you into a floating, utterly relaxed euphoria-like state. Northern Lights is an ideal evening strain with powerful insomnia-relieving and anxiety-reducing properties.

4. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, contains as much as 28% THC, which makes it one of the most popular potent strains among North American users. GSC has a sweet aroma and flavor and powerful, euphoria-inducing properties. GSC has a 60:40 indica-to-sativa ratio, offering the user an excellent balance of both indica and sativa qualities.

5. Afghani

This popular pure Indica strain, with THC levels of around 20%, offers deep relaxation and a strong mood-boosting high, which makes it a great choice for people struggling with insomnia, stress, and chronic pain. It has a sweet flavor and earthy aroma.

6. G-13 (Government Indica)

G-13 is a 70% Indica strain with THC levels of 22-24%. It will give the user a burst of focus followed by a soporific euphoric feeling. G-13 has multiple medicinal benefits. It combats chronic pain, anxiety, and depression while boosting appetite and reducing muscle spasms.

7. Sweet ZZ

This strain, a Grape Ape-Grapefruit cross with 22% THC, has a remarkably sweet aroma and candy-reminiscent flavor. It is approximately 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, and offers the user a boost of creative focus, relaxation, and euphoria.

8. Sherbet Queen

This 85% Indica strain with 24% THC offers an impactful high in addition to a deep cerebral and relaxing effect. A relative of Girl Scout Cookies, it has a similarly sweet aroma and flavor.

9. Bubble Kush

This 80%-Indica hybrid is a combination of Bubble Gum and OG Kush. Bubble Kush has 19% THC and sends the user into a state of deep relaxation.

10. Blue Cheese

Another predominantly Indica hybrid, Blue Cheese is a cross between Oregon Blueberry and Original Cheese. It has a distinct taste and aroma with sweet notes. It has 19% THC and powerful relaxing and soporific qualities.

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