Microdosing Marijuana

Marijuana microdosing is a growing trend among consumers of recreational and medical cannabis. The practice involves taking a small dose of THC or CBD to get the benefits while keeping the intoxicating effects to a minimum, if not making them nonexistent.

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What Are the Benefits of Microdosing Marijuana?

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Why are people so interested in microdosing marijuana? It might seem counterproductive to take tiny doses of cannabis, but microdosing has many benefits depending on your goals.

The following are a few examples of why you might start microdosing marijuana:

Perfect for Beginners

If you’ve never used THC or CBD before, microdosing is an excellent way to slowly introduce yourself to cannabis. Taking a regular dose of THC before you know how it affects you can lead to an overwhelming experience. Instead, you can work your way up from a very small dose and identify the amount that gives you the effects you want at just the right level.

Avoid the Intoxicating Effects

Many people take cannabis products to alleviate ailments like chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia but don’t want the “high” that comes with a typical dose of THC. CBD generally doesn’t cause an intoxicating feeling, but some products have small amounts of THC that can lead to a slight high feeling.

If you want to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC, you can try microdosing to figure out the minimal effective dose for relieving your pain, anxiety, or other symptoms. This method helps you to consume marijuana throughout the day for relief without worrying about being impaired while working, running errands, etc.

Extend the Effects Throughout the Day

After consuming THC or CBD, the effects can last anywhere from one to six hours depending on your body and tolerance. If you take marijuana for medical reasons, you could keep the effects going all day and avoid feeling intoxicated if you microdose cannabis, taking several small doses throughout the day instead of one or two larger doses.

Alleviate or Prevent Anxiety

While taking a standard dose of THC can lead to heightened anxiety in some people, a very low dose can actually help ease anxiety. Using the microdosing technique, you can find out what dose of THC or CBD you should take to help your anxiety.

If you’re someone who gets anxious after taking too much THC but wants to continue using it recreationally, microdosing is a great way to determine what your cut off point is before the anxiety starts.

Reset Marijuana Tolerance

Regular consumers of marijuana can build up a tolerance over time, making it necessary to take higher and higher doses to feel the same effects. If you want to reset your marijuana tolerance, you can try microdosing for a few weeks to give your body a break. Doing this helps you avoid withdrawal symptoms and allows you to still benefit from the effects of the cannabinoids.

How To Start Microdosing Marijuana Edibles

microdosing edibles

The standard recommended dose for a marijuana edible is 5 to 10 mg, so the amount you take for microdosing could be between 1 to 5 mg. However, you should keep in mind that these are general amounts and the right dose for you depends on several factors, including:

  • Your tolerance to THC and CBD
  • Your body (genetics, metabolism, etc.)
  • The type of cannabis product (edible, vape, tincture, etc.)
  • The cannabis product’s concentration

It’s best to start out very low, perhaps taking 1 mg to see if it has any noticeable effects. From there, you can increase the dose until you reach an amount that gives you the desired effect. If you’re using edibles, you might have to cut them into halves or fourths to get the dose you want.

Tips for Marijuana Microdosing at Work

First and foremost, you should only try marijuana microdosing at work if consuming cannabis while on the job isn’t against your organization’s rules or state laws. Once you know you’re in the clear, you can follow these tips to start microdosing at work without affecting your performance:

  • Start at the lowest possible dose
  • Increase your dose very slowly
  • Stick to a strict schedule
  • Use a journal or your phone’s notes app to track your doses

If you do it correctly, microdosing can help you improve focus, boost your energy, and reduce pain and anxiety while you’re at work.

Have Questions About Microdosing THC and CBD?

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This content is not intended to be medical advice.