Marijuana Concentrates

If you’re a cannabis novice, you likely never heard about or used marijuana concentrates. However, this cannabis product has a high THC content and produces a pleasurable aroma and flavors. Using a concentrate differs from using flowers, so finding a suitable method for you might take time.

At Cannabis & Glass, we are well-versed in marijuana concentrates, their uses, and their applications. Here, we offer a helpful guide to teach you more about the product.

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What Are Marijuana Concentrates?

Cannabis plants have trichomes, tiny, hair-like structures that cover their outer surfaces. The trichomes produce the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for its flavor, scent, and psychoactive effects.

Marijuana concentrates refer to a breakdown or distillation of weed flowers to produce a sticky, gooey substance containing nothing but terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD without unwanted plant material. The condensed nature of concentrates provides the product’s high THC levels, which usually exceed the potency of raw cannabis flowers.

Concentrates vs. Extracts

Marijuana concentrates are not identical to cannabis extract, despite many people using the terms interchangeably. Extracts refer to a type of concentrate that uses a solvent-based extraction method.

Some cannabis extract makers use alcohol during their distilling process. However, other materials, like butane, are acceptable for extract production. For instance, Butane Hash Oil (BHO) uses butane, and cannabis wax extracts use supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2).

marijuana rosin shatter

Not every cannabis concentrate is an extract, but all extracts are types of concentrates. Other examples of concentrates include:

It’s also possible to produce marijuana concentrates using mechanical or physical extraction methods, including:

  • Applying pressure and heat
  • Dry ice processing
  • Water-based processing


How To Use Marijuana Concentrates With Various Methods

dab rig shatter concentrate

You can consume marijuana concentrates in several ways, including the methods below.

Vaping Pen

Using portable and discreet vape carts for concentrates offers a relatively simple option as long as they are suitable for the product. The device comes with an empty concentrate cartridge that you fill with your favorite cannabis concentrate. Once you fill the chamber, reattach the component to the pen, and it’s ready for use.

Dab Rig

Dabbing your concentrates is ideal if you want a fast, potent high. Dab rigs make the perfect choice for concentrate consumption because dabbing produces a quick, unique high with exceptional flavor.

Dab rigs have a similar concept to vape pens, but a first-time concentrate user may find them difficult to use at first. To operate the rig, you first heat the dab rig or nail that resembles a bong bowl and add the concentrate onto the heated surface. Once the marijuana concentrate directly interacts with the hot surface, it becomes an inhalable vapor.

If you prefer to dab with the same convenience as a vape pen, you could use a dab pen for your concentrates. A dab pen also requires you to manually fill a chamber with the marijuana concentrate of your choice. Once you attach the compartment to a battery with a heating element, you can easily dab discreetly.

Combining With Flower

Suppose you have a smokable like a joint or weed pipe but want a more intense high. In that case, you could incorporate concentrates with your flower.

For instance, you could wrap gooey wax around a joint or sprinkle powdered concentrate into your bowl. The added concentrate will not only increase the potency of your flower but also enhance the weed’s flavor and aroma.


Most edibles contain cannabis extracts and concentrates to infuse foods with cannabinoids and terpenes. Unlike smoking, vaping, and dabbing, eating an edible produces a long-lasting high without requiring you to inhale smoke or vapor. It can take one to two hours for the effects of the concentrate to kick in after eating an edible.

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