How Long THC Gummies Stay in Your System

As more states legalize marijuana and THC, dispensaries have gotten creative with their edibles. One of the best ways to get high is by eating cannabis gummies.

Still, you may wonder how long THC gummies stay in your system. Cannabis & Glass knows there is no exact answer to that question. Still, we can help you understand how these gummies contribute to your high!

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Edibles & Cannabis Gummies

Edibles are one of several ways to consume and feel the effects of cannabis. They are foods infused with either CBD or THC, though we are talking about the latter. Edibles range anywhere from candies and cough drops to sodas and baked goods.

Your body will process edibles and their THC differently from the smoke because of the absorption methods into your bloodstream:

  • Smoking
    ◦ Accesses the blood through your lungs
    ◦ THC levels peak quickly
    ◦ High typically last from one to four hours
  • Edibles
    ◦ Accesses the blood through digestion
    ◦ THC levels peak after about three hours
    ◦ Highs can last over six hours

How Weed Gummies Work

As you may have noticed, you feel the effects of edibles for much longer than smoking. You also experience a high later than you would from smoking. This is because breathing and digestion are two very different absorption processes.

When we breathe, our lungs take in oxygen and immediately oxygenate our blood. When smoking weed, you add THC and other elements. Since the THC has immediate access to your blood, you feel the effects much faster.

When we eat, our stomachs break down our food and send nutrients to the liver for further processing and separation. The liver changes delta-9 THC into 11-hydroxy THC. 11-hydroxy THC causes more psychoactive symptoms and creates a more potent high than you would get from smoking.

The digestive process takes time, which is why many people prefer to smoke instead of consuming edibles. Still, edibles are a great way to enjoy a high when you have time. If you do not mind how long THC gummies could stay in your system, you should try some from our dispensary!

How Long THC from Edibles Sticks Around

If you want to eat an edible, you would be better off doing so in a state where it is legal. In addition to that, you may not want to eat cannabis gummies a few days before you have a drug test.

The 11-hydroxy THC you get from ingesting edibles stays in your blood longer than delta-9 THC from smoking.

Here are a few examples of how long drug tests can detect THC from edibles:

  • Blood: three to four days
  • Saliva: one to three days
  • Urine: three to 30 days, depending on how much you ate
  • Hair: up to 90 days

Even after the high is over, drug tests can still detect THC in your system. It may not be actively affecting you, but your body keeps echoes of its presence in different parts.

Practice Moderation with Edibles

Practice Moderation with Edibles

How long THC gummies stay in your system can depend on your tolerance. Like with any recreational consumable, you should be responsible when eating edibles. Because of how much more potent and delayed the THC effects are within them, practice moderation. If you do not feel the high immediately, be patient and do not eat much more than you already have.

In addition, note that THC has different effects depending on the amount consumed and the person consuming it. Some people do not react well to the psychoactive effects THC has.

If you do not like your high, stop eating the edibles and remember to stay calm. Although a high from edibles lasts longer than smoking, it will pass eventually.

We Have the Best THC Gummies

Now that you know how long THC gummies stay in your system, you can try some of your own.

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