How Long Does It Take to Stop Being High

Sometimes, you may want to know how to stop being high right when you want to stop. For example, you may be thinking about taking a hit, but you have something to do later.

At Cannabis & Glass, we want you to have control over your weed enjoyment. While there is no sure-fire way to tell exactly how long it will take, we know a few factors to consider.

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Determining Factors on How to Come Down From a High

Your body, the cannabis strain, and how you partook of it determine how high you get, but how do these factors determine your high?

Your Body

Each person metabolizes what they consume at different rates. To metabolize something is to process it within your body, just like food.

If you have a slower metabolism, whatever you inhale or eat may take longer to affect you. It may also take longer to leave after the fact, which may impede how to sober up from being high. Meanwhile, people with faster metabolisms get hit by the intoxication effects quicker but also resolve them quicker.

Additionally, you can build a tolerance to specific effects that make it easier to come down from a high. More frequent consumers may find their increased tolerance causes a shorter experience, while first-timers may feel intoxicated for a while.

The Type Cannabis

type of cannabis

Each strain of cannabis has a different amount of CBD and THC in it. Most weed smokers do it to experience the psychoactive effects of THC and their specific body reactions to it.

Different strains of plants have varying THC compositions, causing different reactions. For example, Sativa causes more creativity and energy. In contrast, India has more calming effects.

Someone may react stronger to sativa vs indica and vice versa. Additionally, hybrid strains mix the effects to create a different experience. A person who smokes one strain may have a tolerance for their usual product but may have a longer high with a hybrid.

How You Consume It

The faster the THC reaches your bloodstream, the faster it affects your body. Your cannabis consumption method determines how fast it gets into your bloodstream and how long it takes to stop being high:

  • Smoking
    • Reaches the bloodstream quickly
    • High starts quickly
    • Lasts for roughly one to four hours
  • Vapor Inhalation
    • Reaches the bloodstream quickly
    • High starts quickly
    • Lasts roughly one to four hours as well
    • Has a stronger effect due to heated cannabis resin
  • Eating Edibles
    • Reaches the bloodstream slower via digestion
    • Digestion takes a long time and lasts longer
    • High starts after about 30 to 60 minutes
    • Can last longer than six hours

If you pair smoking weed with other substances, like alcohol, or foods, your high may last longer. Some foods have chemical makeups that extend the effect of THC. For example, anecdotes state that some fruits, like mango, have this effect.

How to Stop a High

You may have several reasons to search for how to stop being high. For example, your high may not be positive, such as experiencing an increased heart rate or dry mouth. Each person’s body reacts differently to cannabis, so you could have a negative experience.

While each way to stop being high may not work for everyone, we have a few things you can try.

Stop a High by showering

First, try relaxing or showering. Your body may have an anxiety reaction, especially with a heart rate increase. Calming down can help lessen the effect.

Showering also helps; take a cold one to help sober your body.

Second, try consuming foods with terpenoid compounds that reduce THC’s effects on the body. These include lemons and black pepper, which can also shock your system and cause you to be more alert.

Lastly, try sleeping. It may sound counterproductive, but sleeping helps your body process what you consume, including food and weed.

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