Are Marijuana Edibles Right for Me

Marijuana edibles come in many shapes and sizes. From THC-infused candy to cannabis beverages, consuming marijuana is extremely easy, but it’s just as easy to overdo it on edibles. If you’re wondering whether marijuana edibles are right for you, keep reading.

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What Are Edibles?

Edibles are an alternative way to get high by consuming food products with THC and CBD in them. If you’re looking to feel the effects of marijuana for an extended period, edibles are an excellent way to do this, instead of the shorter-lasting effects of smoking flower. Edibles often include candy and baked goods such as gummy bears, fruit chews, cookies, and fudge, but can also include herbal shots and sodas.

Edibles first became popular at the end of the 19th century, but some small businesses prevailed despite the ban on marijuana and the modern market’s restrictions on dosage. Today’s edibles come with limits on THC to ensure safe consumption. In states that have legalized marijuana, edibles are a popular method to consume THC for their effectiveness in chronic pain relief, stress relief, and anxiety relief.

Understanding Edible Cannabinoids

THC and CBD are the cannabinoids in edibles. After eating an infused piece of candy or fudge, these cannabinoids metabolize in the body, making you feel high. It can take up to two hours for you to feel the effects of a marijuana edible, and if you suffer from delayed gastric movement, gastric paralysis, or absorption issues, you may not feel them at all.

The dosage you should take depends on your tolerance and the effects you want. There’s no single dosage right for everyone – it can take some experimenting to find the correct dosage.

A small dose of 1mg would be ideal for a beginner and can provide mild stress and pain relief or slightly boost your creativity. On the other hand, an extremely high dose of 50mg or higher of THC can cause significant impairment and adverse side effects such as nausea and altered perception in addition to pain relief. Higher amounts are ideal for those with cancer or other severe diseases.

Like with any marijuana use, your tolerance increases with your use. A beginner marijuana user may only take a low dose, while someone with years of edible experience will require a significantly higher dose to feel the effects and become high. The edible product you choose should list the amount of THC per serving to help you take an effective dose without going overboard.

Consuming Marijuana Edibles

Talk to Your Doctor

Marijuana can interact negatively with certain medications, potentially reducing or increasing their effectiveness. If you are on medication, it’s best to speak with your doctor about the potential effects of cannabis interacting with your medications.

Low and Slow

Beginners should start low and slow: a low dose of 1mg to 5mg of THC is a suitable dosage for your first time taking edibles. If you’re anxious about taking them, it’s better to take a smaller dose to avoid adverse effects. Once you consume edibles, it’s challenging to get them out of your system, so you should always use caution when taking them.

Consume edibles slowly if you’re not an experienced user. Even small pieces of candy can cause adverse effects such as paranoia if you’re not prepared to take edibles. You should feel comfortable throughout your experience.

Bring an Alternative

THC can come in many popular types of sweets, so it can be easy to take too much or feel tempted to eat more. Don’t forget that edibles will increase your effects. If the munchies make you want to eat more, purchase the non-medicated version ahead of time so you have an alternative you can eat safely.

Indulge at Night

Cannabis commonly causes sleepiness and relaxation, so taking an edible during the day can throw off your groove for hours. By taking them at night before bed, you can fully relax and enjoy your edibles, and it won’t be a problem if you fall asleep.

Store Them Tightly

Medical marijuana edibles often look precisely like their non-medicated counterparts, so kids and adults can mistake them for a harmless treat. Keep them away from kids and pets, and store them in a locked box for extra protection.

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