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About Timewreck Marijuana

Timewreck is an award winning 70/30 Sativa-leaning Hybrid, with a 19% THC level. The strain was created by TGA Subcool Seeds in 2011, and has quickly earned a reputation for its strength and consistency. The result of crossing Vortex with Blood Wreck, you will notice scents of earth, spice, and citrus that can be attributed to the Blood Wreck, along with that pungent sourness that Vortex is known for. The flavor is unique, and surprisingly reminiscent of cheese at the onset, with the familiar citrus and spice notes to follow. Despite the moderate THC content, these sticky resin covered buds pack quite the punch.

Timewreck Marijuana Effects

This is a strain that should be used in moderation, unless you are an experienced smoker. Timewreck induces a strong cerebral high, supported by a considerate body buzz. When consumed in small doses, it will be a wonderful mix of serenity and creativity. The high will leave you will feel uplifted and ready to create. In larger doses, though, you will notice psychoactive properties and occasionally angst. When enjoyed properly, Timewreck is a great daytime bud. We also recommend this strain for those seeking relief from depression or nausea.

Strains Associated with Timewreck

Blood Wreck, Vortex

Where Can I Find Timewreck in Spokane, Washington?

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