Pie Face

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About Pie Face Marijuana

Pie Face is a 60/40 indica-heavy strain, created by Archive Seed Bank. The strain boasts a complex flavor profile, combining the sweet, floral notes of Cherry Pie with the earthy taste of Face Off OG. Pie Face flowers are long, medium sized, light-green, and sticky to the touch. The buds are typically medium sized and tapered, with tightly coiled- mossy leaves. With a THC level of 17%, Pie Face is potent enough to enjoyed by even the most avid enthusiasts, while still being suitable for daytime consumption.

Pie Face Strain Effects

The high from this strain leads with a dose of energy and mental stimulation. You will enjoy an increase in both cerebral thinking and confidence, which can often lead to an uptick in productivity. As the high progresses you’ll begin to feel the indica side of this hybrid kick into gear. The high becomes increasingly mellow and relaxed, without leaving you stuck on the couch. Lastly, be prepared to eat; Pie Face, as the name may suggest, is an appetite stimulant

Strains Associated with Pie Face

Cherry Pie, Face Off OG

Where Can I Find Pie Face in Spokane, Washington?

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