Dutch Treat

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About Dutch Treat Marijuana

This popular strain has a mysterious lineage. Many believe it is the result of crossing Northern Lights and Haze, but that is only speculation. It’s birthplace is also unconfirmed, but despite the name and the fact this strain is quite popular in Netherlands, it is thought to have been first grown 420 miles northwest of here, on Vancouver Island. Dutch treat is an 80/20 Indica leaning strain, but it appears more Sativa-like in appearance. Most buds are sticky, soft, dark green, and cone shaped. Although there are hints of sweet fruit, these buds are best described as smelling earthy. Expect pine and cedar notes to carry over into the taste of this smooth smoking, herb-y strain.

Dutch Treat Strain Effects

Dutch Treat provides a very relaxing high. Great for a Saturday at home, or for a night of movies and popcorn. The onset of the Dutch Treat high will be cerebral with a slight boost in energy. This will be quickly followed by sedation and even couch-lock; Making this strain better suited for more casual social settings. Dutch Treat, measuring in at 16% THC, is strong enough for the experienced and/or medicinal smoker, while also being suitable for recreational use.

Strains Associated with Dutch Treat

Northern Lights, Haze, Dutch Treat Haze, Electric Treat

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